Warehouse Technology Solutions

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Warehouse technology solutions from omniQ help overcome challenges with logistics, inventory, asset tracking, wireless networking and productivity.

Warehouse technology solutions from omniQ can help your warehouse achieve flawless, fast fulfillment, optimized space utilization, and a highly productive workforce. In an environment of same-day shipping and fierce competition, your business needs to find ways to deliver, but still operate profitably. Our warehouse technology solutions, tailored to your specific operation for the greatest ROI, can help you overcome a wide variety of challenges.  

Cross-Dock And Logistics

Easily and efficiently schedule and manage work orders for dock doors and vehicle loading and unloading with our solutions that integrate with your warehouse management system (WMS). Our wireless cross-docking solutions integrate with your freight management system and individual mobile terminals to keep your entire operation connected and able to access data in real time. omniQ can also help you optimize processes vehicle mount and mobile computers to minimize handling of shipments and reduce errors.

Asset Tracking

omniQ provides a variety of solutions that help manage and locate assets. Our RFID solutions are idea for asset tracking and yard management, helping you to optimize use of equipment and minimize loss. For deeper insights, our Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions can track and record environmental and location history of assets, and we provide software solutions that allow you to manage this data and turn it into actionable insights.

Efficient Labeling

Accurate labeling is crucial to your organization and your supply chain, and omniQ can provide you with printing solutions that make labeling more efficient — whether you need mobile printers for on-the-spot printing or an advanced print-and-apply system. We can also help manage printing across your entire organization with centralized print management that integrates with your WMS.

Wireless Networking To Support Your Mobility Deployment

Your mobility deployment needs a secure wireless network to support it and maintain worker productivity. omniQ provides networking such as wireless LAN, wireless wide-area network (WWAN) and GPS-based solutions, and we optimize them for your workforce and your environment so they operate reliably within a building, between buildings, or throughout a wide geographic region. Our solutions scale to keep up with your changing needs and changing communication protocols.

Improving Worker Productivity

Wasted time, wasted steps, and wasted motion can add up to big losses for your warehouse. omniQ provides state-of-the-art, ergonomic mobile computers, scanners, imagers, tablets and printers, designed to help your workforce work faster and more accurately. We can help you incorporate voice and other technologies to optimize your operations.