Voice Picking and Hands-Free Work with Wearable Technology

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Mobile computers have helped automate a number of key functions for mobile workers including field service technicians and warehouse employees. But these devices still require users to hold the computer and often key-enter data. In applications where mobile workers need to keep both of their hands free to do their jobs — whether that’s packing a box for shipping or repair a critical piece of equipment — those devices can impede productivity.

Wearable computers and voice-based or vision-based computing systems provided by omniQ give you the ability to direct your workers and automate data collection/data access, while still allowing workers to keep their hands free.

Voice Picking

Voice picking solutions are increasingly popular in the warehouse. These solutions consist of a belt-worn computer and headset. Employees receive verbal directions for their picking activities, and are able to update the system by speaking bin numbers and quantities while freeing up both their hands and eyes.

These solutions not only provide greater efficiency and accuracy via voice picking and other voice-directed tasks, they also help improve worker safety by making sure they can keep their eyes on their work and their environment instead of on a computer screen.

To read about more benefits, see our  blog on the benefits of voice picking in the distribution center.

omniQ has significant experience and success deploying voice picking solutions in warehouse and distribution center environments for our clients. Want to know more about how voice can benefit your operation? See our blog on the pain points that voice picking helps address and contact us.

Vision and Wearable Technology

Like voice-based systems, wearable technology allows users to keep their hands free to attend to critical tasks. Using a heads-up display (usually consisting of a set of goggles or a headset), employees can see a virtual display right in front of their eyes while still focusing on their work.

omniQ can help introduce businesses to new cutting-edge wearable technology that can enable new applications in the warehouse, in healthcare settings, and in the field.

Because these systems also include web cameras, employees can share work progress in real-time with managers or other employees, or access remote conferencing or help desk resources. Vision systems can also be used for inspection or for remote repair applications in aerospace and other industries.

In healthcare environments, providers can consult with colleagues remotely while providing a real-time view of a patient or procedure. In a warehouse, wearable technology (including vision systems and wearable scanners) can help reduce employee fatigue while providing greater visibility and productivity.

With wearable technology including heads-up displays, seeing is believing. contact us for a demonstration.