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Keeping track of your goods through the entire distribution process is essential to control costs, increase productivity and improve customer satisfaction.

omniQ’s transportation and logistic solutions help you accurately track your supply chain and improve efficiency from the time the product leaves the manufacturing or distribution center to the time it gets to its destination.

omniQ’s systems help fleets become more responsive, improve performance and enhance customer service in just about every process along the road. Our complete line of rugged, handheld and vehicle mount computers, RFID systems, barcode scanners, and wireless local area networks (LANs) deliver real-time information and visibility, and our software and professional services round out complete solutions that enable you to optimize your operations.

Dock Door Management and Cross Dock Operations

omniQ provides solutions to connect directly to the Warehouse Management System and beyond.  This allows efficient scheduling and work order management for use of the dock doors and the trucks and trailers needed for loading and unloading.

omniQ’s wireless cross docking solutions integrate your workers’ terminals and your freight management systems. This solution allows you to significantly reduce the number of times operators handle the shipments, helping to reduce errors while delivering real-time information.

Yard Management

Track assets, products, pallets, containers, trailers and trucks, so you know where they are on the lot, what the contents are, and the next process to be handled. The location of each can be mapped so workers know exactly where each item is and management knows the efficiency of the yard, storage and workers.

Yard Management also extends to tracking trucks as they enter and exit the yard, with security, contents and weight validation as needed. Task Management systems can also be integrated to ensure all workers know what to do as trucks arrive, depart or move.

Route Planning Optimization

Key ingredients in transportation management systems are determining optimum route assignments, matching customer delivery expectations with available trucks and drivers and factoring in road route conditions.This is significantly more than just manually assigning specific customers to fixed routes. The goal is to have the right plan for the right trucks over the right types of roads with the right product at the right time.

Ideal product load for each truck can be determined based on customers’ schedules and travel time, reducing the number of miles driven, the number of trucks needed and certainly the number of missed delivery windows.

Business analytics can be used to optimize the process over time based on observed performance that may be different than expected plans. This keeps the solution flexible for always-changing conditions.

Route Execution Optimization

Once routes have been determined, trucks assigned and stops ordered, the driver still needs to know the best route for each stop. The standard on-truck mapping capability program is often not sufficient enough for most operations and does not take into consideration route restrictions (especially for hazardous materials), truck size (for road and bridge limitations), detours, and continuously changing traffic conditions.

omniQ’s advanced driving optimization software provides last minute planning so the next stop is always as quick as possible, minimizing surprises and delays.

Telematics And Vehicle Performance

Cars and trucks are smarter every year. However, it is most important to take advantage of new technology to optimize efficiency. With a telematics solution from omniQ, you can make the most of these smart vehicles. Our solution can be incorporated directly into your trucks to track performance and to plan and ideally reduce maintenance.

Our solutions enable you to monitor driver performance by tracking hard breaks, speeding and other driver behavior. This can be used for driver training and coaching to improve safety and efficiency. More advanced systems can provide cameras to detect road conditions and proximity to other vehicles and give direct advice to the driver to warn of potential issues. Safety can’t be compromised in the desire to meet schedules.

ELD And HOS Compliance

New regulations to improve road and driver safety took effect in 2017 to help protect drivers, companies and other vehicles on the road with your trucks. Part of this is to include electronic logging devices (ELDs) which can couple with telematics and routing to track time on the road and hours of service (HOS). omniQ can help you better understand the regulations and the types of hardware and software to track drive time to increase safety and performance.

Pickup And Delivery

omniQ’s Route Edge is an automated pickup and delivery system that allows drivers to scan tracking numbers for verification, collect signatures on a handheld mobile computer, and send them with date, time, and location stamp via wireless wide area network. We also offer automated proof of delivery systems that enable you to reduce errors, improve driver productivity and keep your operations and customers better informed. This can extend to direct store delivery (DSD) even utilizing Digital Exchange (DEX) for Electronic Digital Interchange (EDI) for automated data integration. Documents can also be managed with in-truck document scanners and printers. Paper trails are made more efficient with digital imaging, and product, truck, and area conditions can be captured with mobile device camera capture. Create custom checklists and surveys to make sure all important information is captured at the start and the end of the day and at each stop.

In-Transit Visibility

With solutions provided by omniQ, in-transit information can be immediately visible to corporate so they know how well execution is matching the plan and make necessary adjustments. The location of trucks (and drivers and products) can be viewed on a dynamic dashboard. Alerts can be generated for any condition that needs attention, which may require rerouting, on-road assistance, truck transfers or other action. The GPS location of the truck (or even the containers inside the truck) can be monitored and tracked. This can be provided in real-time or as bread-crumb tracking to determine activity after-the-fact. Geo-mapping can provide alerts when a truck is in the target destination or conversely when it enters “no-drive zones”. With Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions and smart tags, even environmental conditions of the contents can be tracked. For example, temperature and humidity can protect food or hazardous materials from going beyond defined thresholds. Some sensors can even measure sudden drops. This information can be tracked over time and/or sent interactively to the corporate management system.

Inventory Management On The Road

With solutions from omniQ, asset tracking and inventory management is tracked with each delivery. This includes inventory on the truck or even at delivery sites. With RFID, high value assets and returnable assets can be quickly scanned, even if not immediately visible. Systems are available that can automatically detect when key assets are no longer within range of the truck, both for scheduled deliveries or un-scheduled theft or loss.

A Solution For Every Application

omniQ’s transportation and logistics solutions products can help you address a wide range of transportation and logistics applications, including: