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Zebra’s TC8000: The New Standard for Rugged Mobile Computing

You know mobility solutions can boost order picking productivity and efficiency in your warehouse. You may even be to the point where you believe you have reached maximum performance with your current solution. With Zebra’s TC8000 rugged Android mobile computer, though, you can take your warehouse to new levels.

The TC8000 Can Save Each Worker One Hour Per Shift 

Zebra challenged its engineers to design the most efficient, feature-rich mobile computer possible. The result, the TC8000, has been proven through beta testing – and tests in Zebra’s own warehouses – to save an employee 1 hour per shift. The TC8000 has a new form factor — it’s not a gun, rather a 4-inch, high-resolution, wide video graphics array (WVGA) screen on a handle. This design eliminates the need to tilt the device to read the screen after each scan. Just pull the trigger — and do the math:

·       Because workers don’t have to tilt, testing shows each worker has 360 fewer wasted motions per hour compared to when they used a mobile device they had to tilt.
·       Multiply that times 8 hours, and that equals 2,880 wasted motions eliminated per worker per shift.
·       Multiply that by 1.25 seconds per scan, and each worker saves 3,660 seconds — or 1 hour — per shift.

Taking the calculation further, multiply that extra hour times your workforce, and it could be like having an extra employee for every eight workers.

The TC800 Can Improve Productivity by 14 Percent

Zebra also has quantified gains workers experience because the device is lighter and easier to use than traditional mobile computers. The battery is in the handle, offsetting the weight of the screen and resulting in a balanced device that’s comfortable to use, and it’s up to 33 percent lighter compared to traditional handhelds.  Furthermore, testing revealed the TC8000 requires 15 percent less muscle effort and a 55 percent reduction in wrist motion compared to using a traditional handheld.

The TC8000 also replaces the legacy terminal emulation green screen and push button keyboard with a touchscreen. Anticipating the switch to a modern interface, Zebra’s TC8000 includes All-Touch Terminal Emulation software by Wavelink that makes your business apps usable on the device.  No coding or modifications to your host app are necessary. Navigating through green screens by pressing buttons on a keypad is replaced with a tap on a touchscreen.

Your business apps, used with the mobile computer’s touchscreen and intuitive, modern interface, will become as easy to use as consumer apps your workers use on their personal devices. This means less time needed to train new employees and increased productivity.

Through tests with the TC8000, Zebra found workers are 14 percent more productive with the new mobile computer.

It’s Time to See What the TC8000 Can Do for You

The TC8000 is designed specifically to take warehouse productivity to a new level. It works with your employees — not against — and it allows you to use existing apps with its touchscreen user interface. Because of the savings in time and increases in productivity it represents, it’s time to consider what the TC8000 can do for you.