The Importance of Staging and Kitting Services

Large mobile deployments can be expensive and complex to orchestrate. The last thing anyone wants to see when their mobile hardware arrives on site is that there is “some assembly required.” Loading software, adjusting network settings, and connecting peripherals can take a significant amount of time for even just one computer; think about the amount of time it would take to do so for hundreds of mobile computers. That’s why staging and kitting services are an important part of the value your value added reseller (VAR) can offer.

When mobile devices arrive on site, you want to be able to deploy them immediately, not wait for days while the IT department struggles to test each device, load the software, and confirm that the system is operational. Your VAR can save you time, labor, and money by staging and kitting all mobile devices and associated equipment for you, prior to delivery.

omniQ, for example, offers full staging and kitting services via our Professional Services organization.

Staging services include pre-configuring and/or testing the solution before shipment. This helps ensure a smooth installation and even accelerates the installation process. Hardware settings can be preconfigured prior to delivery. Application loading and configuration in advance can reduce network defects, ensure host connectivity is correctly configured, and help isolate any problems encountered during deployment to the existing infrastructure.

omniQ can pre-configure the wireless profile, security settings, device lock-down settings, Telnet configuration, browser configurations, and other settings that will not only make it easier to deploy the initial hardware, but also make it easier to swap out replacement devices if there is a hardware failure in the future.

By testing customer applications in advance, we can help ensure end-to end connectivity and minimize the amount of time at the customer site by providing hardware that is ready to go out of the box. That saves cost and time for the end user.
omniQ also offers full kitting services so that each end user can be provided with an entire set of mobile hardware, including all cables, printers, and accessories. By pre-packaging the equipment for each site, companies reduce their chances of misplacing equipment and ensure all parts are available for installation and commissioning.

Kitting helps speed deployments, reduces shipping mistakes when a large amount of hardware is being sent to multiple sites, and can reduce shipping costs by grouping items into more condensed or fewer packages.

omniQ can also customize device and box labels, and begin the process of logging and tracking each piece of hardware in the deployment in compliance with the customer’s internal asset management processes.

Mobile technology is designed to improve efficiency and productivity. The physical deployment of your mobile hardware shouldn’t bog down the IT department by forcing them to spend multiple days loading, configuring, and testing devices. By leveraging the type of staging, kitting, and testing services offered by VARs like omniQ, you can quickly launch your mobile solution, minimize technical problems during deployment, and keep your internal IT staff focused on more mission-critical activities.