Solution as a Service: What Is It and What Are Its Benefits?

Cloud computing has rocked the world of IT, completely changing how businesses manage their infrastructure and software. Now, a new development in the market is emerging, known as Solution as a Service. It too is geared to drastically impact how businesses operate.

What is Solution as a Service?

Solution as a Service is a top-tier concept. The first tier is infrastructure as a service, where third-party providers host computing resources. The next step is platform as a service, in which a third-party provides a platform upon which businesses can manage, run, or build web applications. Next up is software as a service, which allows businesses to access software through the cloud.

Solution as a Service is a step beyond software as a service. It provides businesses with the hardware, software, and knowledge necessary to manage effectively. Solution as a Service is, as the name implies, a complete solution. Its simplified subscription service empowers businesses with a comprehensive support team, taking the worry and stress out of management.

What are the Benefits of Solution as a Service?

Cost Effective

With Solution as a Service, businesses pay a set monthly fee for the entire solution. Instead of paying multiple vendors or trying to manage part of the solution in-house, businesses only have one bill to pay. The contractual nature of the subscription also allows businesses to budget for the monthly expense—with no hidden fees or unexpected IT support charges.

Reduced Risk

Any large investment that your business makes can spell risk. However, Solution as a Service mitigates that risk. Rather than investing time and money into an IT overhaul, only to have major headaches with the new technology, you can change, upgrade, downgrade or cancel your Solution as a Service—at any time. This can bolster your company’s confidence, knowing you aren’t locked into any single technology. With the increasingly short lifecycle for technology, you can also be assured that you won’t be investing big bucks into technology that will soon become obsolete.


Businesses are never stagnant, so why should their solutions be? Your Solution as a Service provider will only charge you for what you need. You won’t have to guess what your needs will be in five years; you can simply select the option that fits your current needs, and make adjustments as your business changes.


Because your provider is in control of the entire solution, you can be confident that the technology will be well managed. The support team that stands behind the solution is one of the greatest benefits of selecting a Solution as a Service option. IT support is included in your monthly subscription, so you won’t have to employ an entire tech-support team in-house. This also prevents the expensive charges associated with outsourcing tech support on an as-needed basis.

Relieve the stress associated with implementing new technology. Instead, you can put your trust in a total Solution as a Service provider. Their intimate knowledge of the tech allows them to completely manage the solution, while your business pays a simple monthly subscription that’s tailored to fit your needs. Solution as a Service is truly a revolutionary idea, poised to change how businesses manage their IT needs.


4 Ways a SaaS Offering Saves Your Business Money

Are you pouring money and manpower into setting up and maintaining IT infrastructure, despite the fact that it’s not a part of your core business functions? Well there’s an emerging trend that may relieve all those frustrations—Solution as a Service (SaaS). SaaS is a comprehensive approach to how businesses manage their IT. Instead of grappling to manage everything in-house, SaaS providers offer the hardware, software, and support staff to completely manage your IT needs. Solution as a Service is a subscription based method, and with it comes a variety of cost-savings.

How Can SaaS Save Your Business Money?

1. Flexibility

With SaaS, you can create a customized solution to meet the needs of your business. You only have to pay for what you need with a fixed monthly cost. If your business needs change, you have the option to adjust your SaaS offering, so you never over pay. It can be difficult for businesses to predict their IT needs for the upcoming years, so this option takes the guesswork out of selecting an IT solution.

2. Fixed Monthly CostAs opposed to traditional IT implementation, there’s no large upfront fee for the hardware or software licensing. Instead, you’ll simply pay the agreed upon monthly subscription costs. Because of the contractual nature of SaaS, there won’t be any unexpected expenses—keeping you on budget year-round. If there’s an issue or problem, you have a full support staff on call, which is all included in the monthly costs. Plus, SaaS providers typically offer upgrades as a part of the contract. This prevents you from paying for new hardware or software updates, and the frequent upgrades will ensure your business stays secure and up-to-date on the latest technology—a clear competitive advantage.

3. No Need to Hire an IT Team

Forget about worrying about finding a strong support staff. There’s no need to hire full time IT staff or manage a third-party support team. With one vendor, you’ll have access to everything you need for your application. Any in-house IT staff can be turned towards other projects or applications, improving productivity. This greatly reduces your costs and makes management much simpler.

4. More Efficient Deployment Process

The entire process of implementation is more efficient with Solution as a Service—from initial deployment to adding new users or modules. Firms no longer need to acquire hardware and find compatible software—which is a time-consuming process in itself—only to have to spend time and money installing, testing, and training. SaaS providers can implement a preconfigured, turnkey solution. This method also allows the solution to be deployed incrementally. More users, more sites, and more features can be added as you choose, allowing a controlled implementation process that facilitates easy training.

A strong IT infrastructure is critical, but it shouldn’t break the bank. With SaaS offerings, your business can benefit from all the features of an in-house IT infrastructure, without the costs. Lower up front expenses, fixed monthly costs, no additional staff, and an efficient deployment process will save your company money from the very beginning—plus you’ll have exactly the technology you need to stay ahead.