omniQ Named to Honeywell’s New Platinum Elite Partner Program

Honeywell’s new program tier awards and acknowledges their largest and most loyal partners

Eugene, OR – April 20, 2017 – omniQ, Inc., a specialty systems integrator that offers field and supply chain mobility solutions, has been named to Honeywell’s Platinum Elite Partner Program, which is a new program tier that rewards and acknowledges Honeywell’s largest and most loyal partners.

Honeywell’s 2017 Performance Partner Program is designed to help channel partners grow their revenue, as well as increase the reach of their customer portfolio with marketing, sales, and support resources that deliver Honeywell solutions. This update to the partner program demonstrates Honeywell’s continued commitment to the channel.

Honeywell named omniQ a Platinum Elite partner due to omniQ’s revenue achievement and consistent performance over an extended period of time. This partner tier is comprised of members who tout the broadest range of specialties and skillsets the industry has to offer. omniQ provides customers with a unique combination of experience and knowledge to go with their industry-leading field and supply chain solutions.

“We understand how important it is to have a strong partner network,” said Shai Lustgarten, President and CEO at omniQ. “omniQ is honored to be named to Honeywell’s Platinum Elite Partner Program. Together, we believe we can continue to push industry standards, expand margins, and grow revenue streams.”

Honeywell provides a range of connected solutions designed to improve productivity for field service, healthcare, logistics, retail and warehousing customers. The company offers one of the industry’s broadest portfolios of mobile computers, barcode scanners, printers, print media and voice-directed solutions.

To learn more about omniQ or to set up a meeting with a omniQ representative, contact us or call us at 800-242-7272.

About omniQ, Inc.

omniQ is a Specialty Systems Integrator focused on Field and Supply Chain Mobility. We are also a manufacturer and distributor of consumables (labels, tags, and ribbons), RFID solutions, and barcoding printers. Founded in 1994, omniQ is headquartered in Eugene, Oregon, with offices throughout the United States.

Rated in the Top 1% of global solution providers, omniQ specializes in the design, deployment, and management of enterprise mobility solutions, including Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC), Mobile Cloud Analytics, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), and proprietary Mobility software. Our mobility products and services offering is designed to identify, track, trace, share, and connect data to enterprise systems such as CRM or ERP solutions. Our customers are leading Fortune 500 companies from several sectors including manufacturing, retail, distribution, food / beverage, transportation and logistics, health care, and chemicals / gas / oil.

Media Contact:

Mary Burke, omniQ, Inc.
Director of Marketing
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Wavelink Salutes omniQ as Partner of the Year for the Americas

Eugene, OR – August 24th, 2016 – Mobile productivity is a team sport. Customers realize success by deploying mission-critical mobility solutions that include ingredient expertise from several sources. Today, Wavelink announced its Partner of the Year award winners – recognition for outstanding performance during 2015.

Six recipient companies were recognized worldwide – two from the Americas. These partners delivered significant customer successes using Wavelink solutions as the fulcrum for maximizing productivity. The partners were nominated and reviewed by a panel of Wavelink, and parent-company LANDESK, global leadership team members.

“Our resellers are the backbone of our business, and these awards celebrate the ‘best of the best’”. We are honored to congratulate omniQ Inc. for winning our ‘Partner of the Year’ Award for the Americas, and we want to congratulate omniQ and extend a big ‘Thank you’ for bringing our mutual customers along the path to maximum productivity with Wavelink’’ stated Steve Bemis, vice president, worldwide sales at Wavelink.

Pierre-André Paulin, VP of Marketing and Business Development commented, “It is an honor to be acknowledged by Wavelink, a Premium Business Partner for omniQ. This recognition is proof that our partners and customers appreciate the efforts and professionalism that are deployed on a daily basis by our employees. We are grateful Wavelink and the industry recognizes our expertise and leadership in Field and Supply Chain Mobility”.

About Wavelink: 
Wavelink accelerates mobile productivity with solutions that enable supply chain operations. Organizations around the globe and across industries such as manufacturing, retail, warehousing and field force automation rely on Wavelink enterprise mobility management, host-connectivity applications, and voice-enablement solutions to connect mobile devices to supply chain management systems, ensuring worker productivity in mission-critical mobile deployments, reducing costs and contributing directly to operating margin. Wavelink is part of the LANDESK family and is headquartered in South Jordan, Utah. For more information, please visit, and get the latest product and customer news from Twitter and LinkedIn.

Learn more about becoming a Wavelink Mobile Productivity partner at:
Read more about Partner of the Year awards celebrated across the LANDESK business units here.

About omniQ
omniQ is a Specialty Systems Integrator focused on Field and Supply Chain Mobility. We are also a manufacturer and distributor of consumables (labels, tags, and ribbons), RFID solutions and barcoding printers. Founded in 1994, Quest is headquartered in Eugene, Oregon, with offices in the United States and Canada.

Rated in the Top 1% of global solution providers, omniQ specializes in the design, deployment and management of enterprise mobility solutions including Automatic Identification (AIDC), Mobile Cloud Analytics, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and proprietary Mobility software. Our mobility products and services offering is designed to identify, track, trace, share and connect data to enterprise systems such as CRM or ERP solutions. Our customers are leading Fortune 500 companies from several sectors including manufacturing, retail, distribution, food / beverage, transportation and logistics, health care and chemicals / gas / oil.


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The Disruptive Revolution: The Future of Enterprise Mobility

We often hear the ‘future is now’, and more and more the world seems to be turning into a science fiction movie. Should we be worried or excited about the Disruptive Revolution?  Maybe a bit of both.

We keep hearing about cars driving themselves, fridges that automatically order food from online groceries, and drones and robots taking over self-service operations such as hotels or restaurants. Is technology surpassing humans, and will humans be gradually replaced?  At the forefront of this revolution are disruptive companies such as Amazon, Uber or Google.

This revolution is disruptive, and its growth is exponential.  Here are a few numbers to illustrate this:  By the year 2020, there will be over 220 million connected cars on the road, and, in the utilities industry, nearly 1 billion installed smart meters.  In the USA retail market alone, an estimated $44.4 billion will be generated from beacon-triggered messages.  In the end, the ‘digital rat race’ is fueled by efficiency, productivity and cost savings, and important investments will keep on accelerating.

What are the key drivers to all this? According to Business Insider, there are four key drivers, including Internet connectivity, adoption of mobility technologies, low cost sensors and, of course, investments that fuel inherent ROI.  By 2020, there will be $6 trillion invested in IoT solutions by businesses, governments and consumers, and there will be 24 billion IoT devices installed.  Most of these investments will go towards application development, device hardware and systems integration.

Being at the core of this revolution, omniQ plays a huge role in this transformation as we make sure companies and supply chains are efficient, highly performing and connected.  We understand where this is all going, but like many we have no idea what 2050 will look like. One thing we know is that physical assets are becoming digital, passive objects are becoming visible, and connectivity unleashes data exchanges and it opens up the notion of ‘strategic data’ through Mobile Cloud Analytics.  Data is now driving customer experience and connecting people to environments and ecosystems.

The world we live in is becoming even more complex, and one thing is for sure: We need to remind ourselves of the social, human and environment impacts technology solutions have in our lives.  We also need to keep in mind the basics. Humans need be to remain humanity’s greatest asset, and, in the end, technology needs to be at the service of people – not the other way around!


omniQ: A Partner for Partners and Customers

Partnerships can be a tricky thing.  Like any relationship, there must be some give and take; there must be mutual benefit for both sides.  Although each and every partnership is unique, there are a few keys that should be followed in order to ensure your business relationships are successful:

1. A willingness to listen and understand goals, both spoken and unspoken – For any relationship to be successful, listening is key and having common goals is a requirement.  Any time a partnership gets too one-sided in terms of who is in control, that partnership is not healthy.

2. Knowing the strengths each side brings to the table and where extra support can be helpful – Overstepping boundaries is never a good thing, especially if the boundary you are stepping over is something you have little expertise in.  Try to leave the decision making to the most qualified people, but be willing to offer your assistance when it is needed.

3. A desire to let the other party shine, bringing their best capabilities forward, and allowing growth – Partnerships are meant to be symbiotic – meaning that they are beneficial to all involved parties. Doing your best to help your partners succeed will better position them to give you success as well.

That’s not a marriage counseling blurb – that’s good business.

omniQ strives to build those types of relationships with our partners and with our customers.  We approach each solution, not just as a method to make sales, but as an opportunity to meet customer and partner goals for mutual success.

At the start of a project, especially the major ones, we’ll map out a Responsibilities Matrix, where each role is identified so no steps are missed and each company in the project knows how they can help.  This is not simply and action list of “to-dos” but an opportunity to ensure each party is clearly defining how they can participate in the mutual success.

This is often more important than it initially sounds.  However, it must be clear who is taking the roles for project management, sales of components (hardware, network and software), services (repair, support, installation, and staging) and defining success criteria.

This is a general approach also to partners.  Some companies specialize in certain aspects, like application development for a specific vertical market.  They may not have the device and network technology expertise, integration, site installation, deployment management, mobile device management, or support capabilities that omniQ can bring to the offering.  Other partners have some of these capabilities but are missing just a few.  Sometimes customers will have resources to do some parts of the job themselves.   That means that the partner can do what they do best, and make sure our joint customers have everything they need for a complete deployed and managed solution.

omniQ is proud of our extensive services.  We are happy to bring in partners to add more capabilities.  We are excited to help partners use our expertise to enhance their portfolios.  We are happiest when we have repeat customer success and long-term relationships with the partners and customers.  In that way, we become a true partner to the partners and customers.


Why omniQ? Long-Term Commitments with Trusted Advisors

Some decisions, like those for short-term goals, can be made quickly; others require much thought and plenty of consideration for the long-term benefits.

When I need to buy a small, inexpensive item, I can go online or visit a local store and make the purchase immediately.  For larger purchases and investments – a house, for example – I conduct a thorough analysis in order to ensure I’m making the best decision.

With the exception of marriage, perhaps the greatest and most important relationships come from jobs.  A bit over a year ago, I decided to search for a new job.  My company and position at the time were both very good, but I wanted a change that would allow me to expand my horizons technically, professionally and personally.

I chose omniQ, and there are a variety of reasons why you should choose them as well, at least for your solution needs.

I knew the folks at omniQ for many years.  They are trusted in this industry and have earned the respect of peers and competitors.  I knew the company was filled with good people with impressive knowledge, experience, and competence.  The company personality was right for me – large enough to have resources to tackle large jobs, yet small enough to be focused on caring for each customer.

The breadth and depth of their abilities crossed vertical markets, from leadership in transportation and logistics, to retail, warehousing, manufacturing, healthcare and others.   They had all the required components for a successful company:  an experienced and energetic sales team, an outstanding professional services organization, an efficient staging/kitting/support group, a seasoned development group with expertise in the latest platforms, and a strong legacy.

After a whole year of working at omniQ, I am still impressed with how well our customers are cared for.  It is a long-term relationship where we are not just resellers; we work extremely hard to earn the role of “trusted advisor.”  We’ve coordinated multi-national deployments, managed networks, developed critical user software in Windows, Android and iOS environments, developed custom integrated hardware platforms with latest technologies, streamlined service and support, and have even been brought in to analyze the overall application architecture used in a client’s daily operations.

The central reason for this success is the people.  omniQ isn’t just trying to make a quick buck; we seek to provide a complete solution for a long-term relationship of mutual success.   This has done well for our customers because we keep the relationship for years, and we are often brought in on new projects up-front so we can bring our forward-thinking approach to meld technology trends into operational and financial solutions.

My role, by the way, is to develop our partnerships with key software providers to expand the solutions portfolio.  This means that omniQ is always ardently looking for new ways to help our customers, sometimes in ways they don’t expect.

I’m happy with my decision to start a relationship with omniQ; we really do have a terrific team in place.  I expect we’ll have many more happy customers, especially as omniQ continues to grow.  If you are looking for a long-term relationship with a trusted advisor, you should consider omniQ too!


omniQ Inc. Has Merged with Bar Code Specialties, Inc.

Near the end of 2014, omniQ, Inc., a national mobility systems integrator with a focus on the design, delivery, deployment and support of fully integrated mobile solutions, announced an agreement to merge with privately held Bar Code Specialties, Inc.   The transaction, which was completed by the end of November, has created one of the largest selling groups in the nation for Zebra/Motorola and Honeywell mobile computing devices.

Headquartered in Garden Grove, California, Bar Code Solutions is nationwide turnkey solutions provider that has over 10 field sales and support offices throughout the United States.  BCS has seen strong growth over the past 23 years, posting unaudited sales of over $26 million in 2013.  omniQ agreed to purchase Bar Code Solutions’ outstanding shares of common stock for an aggregate purchase price of $11 million.

“I am excited about the next phase of our Company’s growth and teaming up with visionaries like omniQ’s Kurt Thomet and George Zicman, whom I have known and respected for many years,” said David Marin, founder of Bar Code Solutions. “The collective service offering we can now provide in the marketplace is truly unprecedented and unparalleled.”

Marin, a sole shareholder in Bar Code Solutions, will remain with the company.  By combining forces with BCS, omniQ hopes establish itself as one of the industry’s largest integrators.

“As we have long stated, our team plans to continue to focus on our three tier approach for growth in the Company,” stated Jason Griffith, CEO of omniQ. “One, organic growth; two, acquisitions of companies in our space which allow us to use synergies to provide tremendous shareholder value while allowing us to help our customers achieve more; and three, the growth of technologies presented to us that we feel through our existing connections and resources we can help to expand rapidly.”