How Custom Ordering and Service Portals Streamline Supply Chain Device Management

As anyone with a mobile computing or automatic identification technology system knows, the implementation process doesn’t end when the hardware gets into your employees’ hands. Once equipment is in the field or in the warehouse, there are a host of support, maintenance, and repair issues to consider – not to mention new deployments. Custom ordering and support portals address that need quickly and efficiently by providing a central, online conduit for requesting repairs or ordering new equipment.

Custom portals, which provide customer-specific web pages for ordering and support, help integrators and value-added resellers provide prompt, fast, and reliable support when hardware is damaged or needs an update. New orders can be selected from a pre-approved list of specific kits that contain the exact equipment a site might need.  On-line service support can eliminate the problems of manual or ad hoc support services that force users to call a support line, initiate a chat session, or send their request through a supervisor who then contacts the reseller.

Making things more complicated, companies that have deployed a variety of equipment from different suppliers may need to contact a mix of resellers or hardware manufacturers to resolve a problem.

The “Easy Order” Solution

For example, omniQ has created a number of “Easy Order” online purchasing portals, unique to specific customers, which can access a catalog of handheld scanners, batteries, cables, printers, and other accessories specific to their installation and at agreed-upon pricing levels.

Each page can be broken out by different terminal configurations to match the right accessories to the specific site needs. Pages can also be configured to view all hardware suppliers/products.

omniQ then handles all the individual hardware ordering, as well as kitting/staging and commissioning of the equipment prior to shipment. Orders can easily be tracked online via the portal.

Service Portal

omniQ has created customer-specific support portals.  Customers can submit service requests via their dedicated web interface. omniQ then works with the original manufacturer to to repair the equipment, or performs the repairs themselves. Alternately, the hardware can be completely replaced. Inventory can be tracked according to serial number and the location of deployment or the state of the repair process.

How Partnering with a Company with a Custom Ordering Portal Helps Your Business 

Working with a reseller or integrator that offers these types of custom web portals can help improve the long-term success of a mobile computing deployment in a number of ways:

1. Internal IT staff can leverage the custom ordering portals to help streamline hardware ordering processes, and enable a level of self-service for managers and employees. This takes some of the workload off IT and purchasing departments that are already stretched thin.
2. Companies can be confident that they are ordering the right hardware and accessories at the right price.
3. Service interactions are more efficient because the catalog information in the custom ordering portals can be used to properly identify the hardware and communicate the problem to support personnel.
4. Inventory position can be tracked for each serial number between the customer and the partner and service locations

Custom portals can make it easier for companies to manage their mobile computing deployments by providing a central point to handle both service requests and new product orders. Service requests can be linked to existing customer service/maintenance agreements, and new product orders can be automatically created, kitted, and billed at the right price — with minimal effort on the part of the customer.

Maintenance, service, and support are inevitable. Choose a provider that makes it as easy and efficient as possible to maximize uptime and keep your business running efficiently and productively.