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SeeMobileTM Designed for LPI, Occupancy and Parking Enforcement

Designed for LPI, Occupancy and Parking Enforcement

SeeMobileTM is the innovative MLPI (Mobile License Plate Inventory) and enforcement system from Quest Solution, the industry leader in advanced vehicle recognition, which includes license plate, vehicle make, color and jurisdiction data from the vehicle. With our ability to manage parking locations, campuses, municipalities, and facilities of any size, SeeMobileTM offers a complete solution. From inventory statistics to real-time occupancy counts to enforcement to custom reporting along with citation and collection our powerful PERCSTM cloud based technology offers a world-class solution to these every day challenges.

As the SeeMobileTM vehicle traverses a pre-defined route through the city, campus or facility, specialized imaging units capture, compare, and store license plates, matching against hot lists of vehicles of interest. This information is then synced to our unique cloud based PERCSTM server (Permitting, Enforcement, Revenue, collection system) or centralized SeeControl server for MLPI only – which are both easily accessed for administrative, management, and reporting purposes.

SeeMobileTM is a comprehensive inventory and enforcement system that collects, categorizes, and provides all the data required to efficiently manage your on and off-street parking asset:

  • Locate lost vehicles
  • Identify vehicle overstays
  • Enforce permit violations
  • Monitor vehicle movement between spaces and locations
  • Provide updated inventory and occupancy counts by location – garage, lot, floor, and row
  • Sync collected data with the central repository for effortless hotlist and inventory management

SeeMobileTM Specification

Either wireless, cellular or hardwire connection can be used to connect the SeeMobileTM in-vehicle application with the central SeeControl database for inventory or our cloud-based PERCSTM server for occupancy, enforcement, citation, and collection management. Upon establishing connectivity with the server, the in-vehicle application downloads routes and hotlists, and begins its patrol. At the end of its shift, the patrol vehicle connects again, uploading captured license plate and location information. All of this can be accomplished in real-time with the option of utilizing our cellular connection features to provide real-time occupancy counts, scofflaw and citation information along with hotlist updates when connected to our cloud based PERCSTM platform.
SeeMobileTM supports up to 4 dual-head imaging units and 2 tire stem cameras per vehicle.

SeeMobileTM provides the Business Intelligence, Occupancy Counts, Virtual Permitting Capabilities, and Enforcement required to enhance your world-class parking operation.

Main Features & Benefits

  • Our deep learning neural network LPR from HTS provides extraordinary accuracy in all conditions on all types of plates
  • Manage enforcement, citation, appeals and collect payments from PERCSTM
  • Complete occupancy and inventory capabilities for campuses or facilities of any size both on and off street
  • GPS and geo-fencing capabilities
  • Locate lost vehicles instantly by partial license plate
  • Identify parking fraud and vehicle overstays

Intelligent user interface for situational awareness and B.I.

  • Touch-screen or keyboard ease and convenience
  • Left/right direction indicator alerts operator which side the “hit” is on
  • Operator can view and edit captured data
  • Communicate in real time with the central server to update occupancy and citation data
  • Change routes on the fly
  • Configurable visual and audible real-time notifications
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