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Route Edge is a complete solution that is extensible to handle from SMB customers to large route networks.

omniQ’s Route Edge software is an enterprise-class solution that leverages decades of industry knowledge and experience to improve the performance of field employees during the delivery, invoicing, and merchandising process. Whether you’re still struggling with paper-based processes or looking to take the next step in automation, Route Edge is the perfect solution for eliminating time-consuming errors in the field.

Over the years, omniQ has successfully implemented countless route, ordering, POD, DSD/DEX, and inventory solutions. Route Edge is a configurable, scalable solution that helps mobile workers take full advantage of the latest technologies and is ideal for the consumer goods and food and beverage industries.

Route Accounting Enterprise Software

Route Edge enables configuration and control of enterprise routes, customers, products, and more through a dashboard, which resides on a Windows-based server (on premise or cloud-based). By tracking and tracing deliveries, the Route Edge Dashboard helps companies increase visibility of their inventory, improve forecasting, offer more competitive pricing, and improve customer service. There is even the capability of settlement of variances from routes prior to interfacing with the back end financial system. Multilevel password protection keeps customer and company data safe.

The Route Edge client software for the route drivers runs on both rugged and consumer-grade Android OS devices. This highly configurable application provides for a variety of options depending on the operations needed for each customer. It can automate the delivery and sales process from beginning to end, including proof of delivery (POD), returns/pick-ups, direct store delivery (DSD), Digital Exchange (DEX), presales, truck inventory, selling off the truck, and more. “Clean invoices” can be printed for the customer and/or emailed to specific locations, with signature capture.

Route Edge can be used as a stand-alone system or integrated with the customer’s own financial system and other route optimization systems. It supports both wireless LAN and wireless WAN connectivity, utilizing omniQ’s WTMiP Data Connectivity system.

The solution has been fine-tuned based on omniQ’s more than 20 years of experience in distribution and route sales management. The solution leverages customer information and sales history to minimize returns and out-of-stocks, optimize the product mix at each customer location, and adjust inventories based on sales history, promotions, seasonal fluctuations, shelf space, and other factors.

Route Edge Benefits

With Route Edge, delivery and route sales operations can benefit from:

  • Reduced returns and out-of-stocks
  • Improved order/delivery confirmation
  • Better inventory management and visibility
  • Faster processing of sales orders and returns
  • Reduced paperwork/administrative labor