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omniQ provides customers with industry-leading RFID software options that ensure timely information, actionable advice, and ROI.

Ideal RFID software is essential to the performance and peak efficiency of overall RFID solutions. A complete RFID platform includes tags, readers, printers, antennas, and software. RFID software yields the ability to read RFID tags without establishing a line of sight or a specific orientation that barcode readers require. This makes it possible to automatically scan items as they pass through a portal or on a conveyor, eliminating the need for extra labor to do the job.

RFID solutions are excellent choices for applications such as returnable asset tracking  and yard management, which track and manage valuable and expensive assets, optimizing their use and minimizing theft and shrinkage. RFID is also a key technology in many Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications, tracking data from smart tags over time, such as location and temperature, in addition to  collecting basic item identification.

The Benefits Of RFID Software

The right RFID software provides a number of advantages for businesses with RFID solutions:

  • Less handling of items and no need to set a line of sight increases productivity.
  • Tracking items with end-to-end visibility from the beginning of processes through to completion.
  • Providing real-time data to allow you to respond quickly to issues and to make informed business decisions.
  • Automating data collection so it is more reliable and accurate than manual data entry or barcode scanning.

RFID allows reading many tags simultaneously and continuously when in range of the readers.  This data must be filtered and organized so as to not overwhelm databases and applications.  Further, careful analysis of the raw RFID information can allow for adjustments based on the unique characteristics of the products and operations to provide the right design based on the physics of the environment.

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omniQ will help you determine the feasibility of RFID for your operation. This includes a thorough review of the items to be tracked, operations, and environment to provide the best technology and software. If you are ready to consider RFID, our experts can help you find the right hardware, software and services for your needs, and, if necessary, customize a solution to address your unique requirements. We leverage our partnerships with the top RFID hardware and software technology providers and, coupled with services, provide our customers with complete RFID solutions.