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Freight and delivery companies base their reputations on their ability to get the right goods to their customers, on time and in perfect condition. document your success!

Excellent delivery performance is critical in this highly competitive industry. omniQ’s offers proof of delivery software solutions as part of its suite of mobility applications that give your company an edge against the competition, while improving customer service.

Proof Of Delivery

Using a combination of signature capture, date/time stamps, bar code scanning, and optional GPS data, freight and delivery companies can provide automatic verification that a delivery was made, as well as document the condition of the goods and generate all necessary invoices and receipts. Real-time proof of delivery not only increases customer confidence, but can also speed up the billing cycle and eliminate customer disputes regarding delivery times. Drivers no longer have to go through a lengthy, paper-driven reconciliation process at the end of their shift. Fuel costs can even be reduced because drivers spend less time with their trucks idling at customer locations.

In industries where customers may levy chargebacks if the wrong goods are delivered, or deliveries arrive late, drivers are armed with time and date-stamped proof that goods were delivered on time. Because customers can sign off on the order directly on the mobile computer, orders and deliveries are more accurate and any discrepancies can be dealt with immediately. Equipped with rugged mobile computers, drivers can scan all bar coded packaging, and even take photos of any damaged merchandise.

Delivery Solutions

omniQ’s has developed a complete solution, called Route Edge, which provides highly configurable proof of delivery software solutions that address each customer’s unique business needs. These flexible and scalable solutions help customers drive collaboration through their mobile workforce, while managing remote employees with real-time visibility. Quest Route Edge also leverages DEX functionality for DSD, as well as the latest in data capture technologies. The solutions support signature capture on the mobile computer, which allows for real-time order and delivery confirmation, and receipt and invoice generation. These software offerings utilize omniQ’s WTMiP secure communication package for downloading customer, product, and order information to the mobile computer safely and reliably.

Solutions can also be integrated with RFID and IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) smart tags in order to track pallets, returnable assets, or even environmental conditions of products on their way to delivery.

Quest can provide a total solution, including staging, kitting and delivery of its solutions on a wide variety of rugged hand-held computers, PDAs and tablets from a variety of leading manufacturers. Quest also provides a full suite of hardware solutions, including mobile printers, wireless infrastructure, labels and media, and consumables. In addition, Quest’s experienced Professional Services staff can provide end-to-end project management, from planning and analysis to implementation and post-deployment support.

Benefits Of Proof Of Delivery

  • Reduces customer disputes and chargebacks.
  • Eliminates reconciliation paperwork.
  • Saves fuel and labor costs.
  • Speeds the invoice / cash cycle.
  • Increases productivity.
  • Increases customer satisfaction.