Vehicle Recognition Systems – Hardware

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Delivering the functionality your business processes require

The right combination of mobility and data collection hardware can automate your business and keep your supply chain operating optimally. omniQ offers a full suite of mobility and data collection hardware that supports cost-effective operations and employee productivity, whether inside the four walls of your facility or beyond to the yard or field services.

For collecting data, accessing information, tracking assets, and communicating with workers whether at a workstation or on a mobile device, omniQ customers are successfully leveraging solutions.

Imaging Units

The omniQ VRS imaging units are IP cameras with customized illumination for optimum LPR performance in low light and all weather conditions. The imaging units provide precision and efficiency in low and hi speed use cases. Learn More >>

Lane Controllers

The VRS (Vehicle Recognition Solution) Lane Controllers are an essential real-time hardware communication interfaces to and from omniQ Vehicle Recognition Imaging Units and the omniQ Vehicle Recognition System.

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Seecontrol Management

SeeControl is a vehicle recognition software solution, transforming vehicle and license plate data into valuable info for quick, effective decision-making. Law enforcement, security, logistic, revenue or operational purposes. Learn More

Cloud Based Lpr

omniQ’s “SeeCloud” is an effective, cost-efficient and scale-able license plate recognition is offered as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). SeeCloud’s cloud-based architecture means that there is no infrastructure to install or maintain, just supply the images and access the data in real-time. Learn More

Vir (Vehicle Identity Recognition)

The omniQ VIR Suite enables essential vehicle decision-making by extracting valuable vehicle intelligence, such as car make, from comprehensive omniQ detection, classification, and identification analysis technologies. Learn More

Mobile and Handheld

Mobile and Handheld LPR systems are used in various installations, such as managing inventory in airport parkings. SeeMobile is omniQ LPR mobile solution and SeePatrol is omniQ LPR handheld solution. Learn More