Rugged tablets


Tablets have become a vital tool in a wide range of applications, including retail showrooms, healthcare facilities, warehouses, and logistics. omniQ can provide you with the rugged tablets essential to delivering the durability, security, and flexibility your operations require.

Rugged Tablets

There is a wide variety of rugged tablets to choose from, with options that run different operating systems and with a range of screen sizes, storage capacities and processor speeds. They also feature a variety of security protocols designed to suit various industry regulations.

Rugged tablets are intended to withstand harsh commercial and industrial environments. They are tested to withstand impacts, are rated for dust and water resistance, and are lightweight and easy to handle, making them comfortable for your employees to use. Many models feature hot-swappable, rechargeable batteries to keep them operating throughout the day.

You can select from options with glove-enabled and daylight readable touchscreens as well as voice technology, barcode readers, magnetic strip readers, near field communication (NFC), camera, and Bluetooth.

Vehicle Mounted Tablets

If your forklift operator or driver requires a larger screen than a mobile computer offers, consider a vehicle-mounted tablet. Tablets are available that are specifically designed to withstand the impact and vibration associated with use on a vehicle and that can be powered during vehicle operation. There are mounting options that allow the tablet to be quickly and easily removed for use outside the vehicle, or to switch to a different vehicle during maintenance or downtime. omniQ can help you find reliable and cost-effective options that will seamlessly integrate with your data collection solutions and business applications.

If you opt to use consumer-grade tablets, omniQ offers solutions that can help you successful incorporate them into your overall mobility strategy. omniQ’s years of industry experience can help you weigh your options and choose the tablet solution that is right for your application and will result in the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO).