Barcode Labels and Tags


omniQ offers a variety of barcode labels and tags, including different sizes, densities, shapes, orientations, and – depending on the usage – a few different adhesives are offered for our self-adhesive labels. Our barcodes ensure accurate scans, and we provide an inline barcode verification system for quality assurance purposes. When printing barcode labels, tags, or ribbons, there are several labeling technologies available, including:

Direct Thermal

The printing of direct thermal barcode labels and tags involves the use of a printhead applying heat to the material as it passes by. Heat causes the label stock to darken, producing an image. Direct thermal printing doesn’t require a ribbon or ink, making it a cost-effective way to print labels. Direct thermal printed labels and tags are usually meant for temporary use and excel in mild environments, like retail settings.

Thermal Transfer

Much like direct thermal barcode labels, thermal transfer barcode labels require heat in order to be printed. Heat bonds a coating of wax or resin from the ribbon to the label, producing an image. This printing method produces a durable, high-quality image. The longevity of thermal transfer labels makes them ideal for harsher environments, including those with moisture and direct sunlight.


We offer customers high-quality thermal transfer ribbons that are ideal for barcode label printing applications of any kind. Whether you need wax, wax/resin, resin, or harsh environment formulation ribbons, we have the supplies to meet your needs.


Wax ribbons are ideal for applications that utilize paper labels and high speed printers. These ribbons are not meant to come in contact with water, oils, or other chemicals because moisture will often dissolve the wax image and ruin the label. Common applications for wax ribbons include shipping labels and various retail applications.


When it comes to moisture, oil, or chemicals, wax/resin ribbons provide a better protection as opposed to wax ribbons. These ribbons are smear-proof and result in a higher-quality image on colored or synthetic labels.


Resin ribbons are exceptionally durable when it comes to liquids, chemicals, or even heat. They work best when printed on synthetic materials, but polyester labels are also suitable.