PERCSTM Citation Management

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PERCSTM is the omniQ VISION Solution for Permitting, Enforcement and Revenue Collection System for Virtual Permitting and Citation Management.

Integrated with PERCSTM

Our eCite ProTM and eCite LiteTM application software integrates with the PERCSTM cloud-based parking management system. It processes parking citations for any form of violation associated with a vehicle. By way of synchronizing with PERCSTM, all the information pertaining to violations and white list vehicles are uploaded to the PERCSTM database in the cloud.

omniQ VISION License Plate Recognition

eCite ProTM uses our license plate recognition software to automatically capture, read, compare, and store the license plate vehicle data including the license plate, state jurisdiction, along with optional vehicle make and color. It notifies the registered user if the recognized license plate number is in permit violations. The Enforcement officer can issue citations or other parking violations for violations of parking policy or traffic regulations to both permit and non-permit vehicles.

Pay by Plate

Integrated to Pay by Plate – Parking Meters. eCite ProTM is integrated with parking meters that are configured for Pay by License Plate.

Immediate Payment Processing

Optionally PERCSTM can immediately process payment instantly after citation issuance by eCite ProTM. Our software can accept payment via secure credit card payment or cash.

Functions Available

  • In-vehicle notebook PC or tablet with multiple omniQ VISION LPR cameras mounted on vehicle. Officer on enforcement has the ability to capture license plates from any one of 4 cameras
  • Hand-held computer-based citation processing with eCite LiteTM. This option allows the officer to patrol on foot to enforce parking and traffic violations and public safety systems.

LPR Camera Single or Dual

Lens 12xOptical zoom with presets

Field of View 3 to 20+ Meters

Recognition White light 740,850,870,940nm

Illumination Free apps and RS232 AVML protocol Nominally

Set up 12VDC, 10W

Power 138 x 57 x 81 mm (W x H x D)

Enclosure IP68 dry air purged hermetic seal

Environmental -20°C (-4 F) to 50° (122 F)

Temperature/ C ambient operating / 0% to 100% RH

LPR Camera Single or Dual

Dimensions 276.4x190x 85.3mm

Processor Intel Core i7 or Core i5

Memory 8GB up to 16 GB

Storage SATA Removable SSD 250 GB

LAN GbE x 2

Display DVI, VGA, HDMI

Serial I/O 2x RS-232/422/485 with RI/5V/12V

Power input +9~36VDC input range, ATX mode support ignition delay on/off control

OS MS Windows 7 Pro

Temperature With Selected Industrial Components -20~55°C/-4~131°F

Enforcement Computer

Mobile Computing Platform OS – Windows 10 Pro 64 bit


Storage 256gb solid state drive [SSD} with heater

Graphics 10.1” WUXGA 1920 x 1200 with LED backlighting

Input devices 7 tablet buttons / integrated stylus holder/ On screen QWERTY keyboard

Power Li-ion battery pack: – Standard battery: Li-ion 11.1 V, 4200 mAh (typ.), 4080 mAh (min.) – Optional long life battery7: Li-ion 10.8V, 9300mAh(typ.), 8700mAh (min.)

Dimensions 10.6”(L) x 7.4”(W) x 0.8”(H)