Parking and Operations – Overview

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Next Generation Parking Experience

The core of Parking automation is based on License Plate Recognition (LPR), also known as Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR). omniQ develops and provides LPR/ANPR hardware and software components and solutions in order to automate the parking operations.

LPR/ANPR enabled parking operations provide many benefits including:

  • Ticketless and automatic flow
  • Efficient deployment and centralized management
  • Increased revenues / ROI through
  • Solution for lost tickets, ticket switching and tailgating
  • E-Permits, citations, enforcement
  • Improved staff efficiencies

LPR/ANPR Enabled Parking Management & Revenue Control

Commercial parking operators are moving to centralized command and control for ongoing billing, management and monitoring of their parking operations.

License Plate Recognition (LPR) systems, also known as Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) systems, read the vehicle plate numbers. LPR/ANPR driven systems can  replace tickets and enable a “Ticketless” and even “Gateless” pay by plate solution for a parking facility. LPR/ANPR can also provide unmanned 24/7 coverage of a parking facility increasing revenues and decreasing leakage by enforcement and monitoring of tariffs and activities.

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Parking Management & Revenue Control

The LPR system can match entry and exit license plate reads for quicker entry and exiting of the garage along with easier verification due to a real-time link to the PARC system.

The system can also handle lost or switched tickets, and by cross-referencing with other data, can accurately bill the customer in question, in addition to other forms of “leakage”.

The LPR systems can also provide alerts both for VIP customers as well as vehicles of interest who may have a history of billing infractions or other problematic behavior such as tailgating.

Airport Parking

Modern airports require automated solutions to handle their parking operation.

LPR driven systems can  increase the automation of airports. omniQ is a leading provider of solutions for airport parking and security. More than a dozen large USA airports are now equipped with omniQ products – parking systems at the gates, mobile systems and handheld units that scan the large parking lots.

In addition to the low speed LPR parking systems, omniQ offers additional products for supporting the needs of modern airport parking requirements: SeeMobile and SeePatrol.


Inventory Management

LPR and VRS driven Inventory management enables facility owners and managers to more effectively plan operational processes and space allocation. The statistical reports generated by the omniQ Inventory Control Suite assists owners and operators to build their financial planning based of rates and occupancy via the breakdown of vehicle data generated by the system.

omniQ VRS generated reports provide information on how long a vehicle parked, average time over the stated time period, frequency of visits to the facility along with proactive alerts as to problematic vehicles. The omniQ Inventory Control Suite also assists commercial building operators with their access control operations, monitoring and managing the allocated spaces per resident or company.

VIP Vehicle Inspection Package

The VRS VIP (Vehicle Inspection Package) system is a video based system enabling automated vehicle valet and management.

VRS Vehicle Inspection Package (VIP) enables the car park management to cost effectively document, store, retrieve, review, verify and report the condition of each vehicle upon entry and exit from the car park in order to assess the validity of damage claims. In addition, the system can provide more effective vehicle retrieval, along with parking spot and process management.

The VRS VIP system is easily integrated, installed and configured , and also provides valuable reporting, monitoring and operational data. It is fully web-enabled, supporting these functions from any standard browser. Individual vehicle reports may also be exported as PDF files by the car park management to the vehicle owner when relevant.

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