Order Entry Software

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omniQ Order Entry software running on a Windows or Android mobile device gives your sales team or your customers the ability to quickly place orders by scanning labels on the shelf or in the stockroom. Order Entry software ends the “blind order” aspect of placing orders on site, by enabling two-way communication with your field personnel — as orders are transmitted, customer and pricing information is updated on the handheld device.

Faster, More Efficient

Our Order Entry software dramatically increases the speed and accuracy of placing orders,  gathering information and accurate data exchange between your field sales team and your office.  This increased efficiency enables your field sales team to cover more ground and increase their daily sales. It also provides your business with real-time inventory data, less waste from over ordering, and increased customer satisfaction.

Our customers have also provide tailored software to their own customers, so that the end user can place orders effectively and efficiently for exactly what is needed.  This has been done with a variety of devices and architectures and integrating directly into the customer’s ordering system.

omniQ Order Entry eliminates the time-consuming and error-prone process of paper-based orders or faxing or phoning in orders with legacy equipment. In fact, omniQ’s trained and experienced staff can help you upgrade from old acoustic devices to accurate, efficient state-of-the-art technology equipped with our Order Entry software and our proven communication products such as WTMiP.

Order Entry Software Features

  • Password protection
  • Date and time stamps on transactions
  • Signature capture
  • Receipt printing
  • Ability to lock user into program
  • Supports look-up validation for customer and product numbers
  • Compatible with both Windows and Android devices
  •  scanning
  • keypad entry
  • drop down menus
  •  touchscreen
  • full-screen pop-up keyboard that can be used without a stylus