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Newsletter June 2017


How Much Is Outdated Technology Costing You?


The GO Zebra Trade-in Rebate Program makes it easy for customers to earn up to $550 cash back when they purchase a new printer. The only condition is you must trade in an old printer – even if it is a competitor's printer. Continuing to stick with outdated technology means you are missing out on the benefits newer printers bring. Not to mention, older printers are slower, less efficient, and more likely to break – resulting in more downtime for your operations. Utilize Zebra's latest printers and thermal barcode printing technology to increase productivity and lower maintenance costs.

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Improving Warehouse Efficiency Through 5 Effective Labeling Strategies

There are a number of technologies that can help improve warehouse efficiency, but there is one that is so common within the warehouse that it might be overlooked as a productivity tool — the barcode label. Labeling is part and parcel of inventory management at many warehouses, but an effective and holistic labeling strategy can extend the benefits of the technology to different operational areas...

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Press Release

Lean Manufacturing: 4 Benefits of Making the Switch

Lean manufacturing is a management philosophy that is focused on continuous elimination of waste in business processes through small or incremental improvements. Created by Toyota, it has since been adopted by many companies and across a number of industries. According to lean methodology, there are seven key sources of waste to focus on.

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Resource Spotlight



Webinar: 5 Signs It's Time to Upgrade Your Mobile Computers

Upgrading your AIDC solutions may seem like an expensive proposition, but the long-term costs of using obsolete hardware can quickly outpace those upgrade costs. This webinar recording covers a range of topics, and will help you decide whether you should upgrade.



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