Healthcare Mobility and Data Collection Solutions

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Save time, increase productivity and provide a higher level of care

Patient care is priority number one for your healthcare organization or pharmacy, and you provide excellent care while fighting to contain costs and comply with industry and federal regulations. Choosing to partner with omniQ to deploy healthcare mobility and data collection solutions can help you more efficiently manage processes and control costs — as well as provide a higher standard of patient care and services. omniQ makes connecting your patients to their doctors, getting test results immediately, reducing errors, and ordering supplies easier than ever.

Enhancements At The Point Of Care

The onus is on you and your staff to provide efficient and accurate healthcare. There is a delicate balance between speed and accuracy when it comes to treatment procedures, security, and administration. omniQ’s healthcare mobility solutions allow you to achieve the optimal level of quick and errorless services at the point of care. We combine a variety of data collection, mobility, RFID, IoT, software and wireless technologies to provide total solution tailored to your processes. With the solutions we provide you can save time on specimen collection, patient monitoring, identity management and admissions — and spend more time on quality patient interaction.

Pharmacy Automation

Processing paperwork, storing and retrieving records, managing inventory, and tracking medications is the center of pharmaceutical operations. Manual processes can be overwhelming for busy staff and your organization can’t afford mistakes. Choosing an automated solution from omniQ to capture barcodes, images, signatures, and insurance card data, can improve workflows, reduce paperwork, help you track recalled or expired medication and comply with strict industry regulations.

Tracking and Managing Assets

At this very moment, you have valuable assets around your healthcare facility such as wheelchairs, beds, and mobile imaging equipment that you need to be able to quickly locate. You also must also track inspections, maintenance, and repairs to ensure your assets are in good working condition. omniQ provides RFID and tracking solutions that help you instantly locate your hospital’s assets while simultaneously lowering labor costs associated with inventory and maintenance. Smart lockers with built-in asset management software can help deploy key assets only to authorized personnel while monitoring usage information for preventative maintenance.  You’ll be able to better utilize assets, keep them in good repair — and ultimately provide better patient care.

Solutions that Make Processes Easier, Not More Complicated

If you are admitting a patient or collecting a specimen, you need the right combination of technology solutions to make the process as accurate and as simple as possible. Having technology get in the way of patient care should never be an issue. The hardware and software at work at your facility should save your staff time and enable greater productivity. omniQ recognizes that hardware for healthcare applications has to be durable and the software has to be intuitive and easily adapt to your area of specialty. omniQ has you covered on both accounts with an array of solutions that range from wireless networking, barcode scanners, RFID tags and readers, mobile devices and device management applications.

A Partner That Knows Healthcare

omniQ has worked with some of the largest hospitals and pharmacy chains in the country. We understand your industry, and we specialize in complex projects, starting with an evaluation of your needs and processes and then designing an ideal solution for your application. We provide the right hardware for the environment (including antibacterial equipment), software and security (including HIPAA-compliant systems), and full life cycle professional services and managed services so your solutions are deployed right at the start and managed for optimal performance continuously.

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