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DOT number reading

SeeDOT–US DOT Number Reader Maximum Accuracy Cutting-Edge Solution with U.S. DOT Number Reading for Automation and Collection of DOT numbers used for Truck Identification, Pre-Screening, Inspection and Enforcement/Compliance Monitoring

The SeeDOT system automatically monitors commercial motor vehicles entering and exiting controlled areas such as: Ports of Entry and border crossings, or weigh in motion stations along highways, secure parking facilities for trucking, and other sensitive installations, along with fleet management applications.

When integrated with omniQ’ LPR system, SeeDOT meets the specific challenges of the intelligent transportation sector, as both the DOT number on the cab of the vehicle, as well as the CMV’s license plate can be simultaneously read to effectively and accurately identify, track and monitor the truck and its load in required sectors for the State Departments of Transportation along with POE agencies and other sensitive locations.
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Benefits And Features

  • SeeDOT can be used as a stand-alone system or as a part of a larger solution for end to end weigh station enforcementor secure and efficient border crossing and POE management
  • Both the SeeDOT and LPR cameras are provided with integrated illumination
  • SeeDOT sensors can successfully handle trucks traveling at speeds up to 50 miles per hour without degradation of performance
  • It is not required for the truck or other vehicle stop in the lane
  • Improved productivity, reduced wait times, increased inspection diligence and continuity for handling of all CMV’s are a few or the tangible benefits of a SeeDOT implementation

Mode of Operation

  • SeeDOT will automatically read the DOT Number and the front license plate number of each CMV passing through each lane
  • The system and its cameras are externally triggered by ground loop controller(s) as the vehicle (truck or other) arrives and travels through the controlled lane area
  • The SeeDOT system has LPR cameras each containing its own integrated illumination for 24/7 operation, and are included to assure that the entire lane is covered (license plates can be located anywhere on the front of the truck

Typical Applications

SeeDOT has many other applications in addition to Weigh-In-Motion for those who want to use the vehicle’s DOT and License Plate numbers for other purposes. Some of these are:

  • Weigh Systems (WIM and stationary)
  • Port of Entry/Border Control
  • Access Control
  • Security Systems
  • Vehicle Scheduling Systems
  • Container Port Portals and Gates
  • Parking Management
  • Vehicle Inventory
  • Others