Direct Store Delivery (DSD) Software

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omniQ’s direct store delivery (DSD) software allows businesses to streamline operations and maximize profits.

Competition in the grocery, bakery, snack, and beverage industries has increased, while prices for food, fuel, and other operating costs have skyrocketed. omniQ’s DSD solutions help reduce returns, increase sales, ensure shelves are always stocked with the correct products and quantities, and provide a real-time view of inventory and greater forecasting capabilities.

The omniQ’s DSD Software Suite

The omniQ’s DSD Suite enables businesses to automatically generate invoices, and it allows vendors to transmit invoice details into the retailer’s system using a DEX connection. Sales orders can quickly be uploaded into back-end business systems, while the customer and pricing information is updated in real time on handheld computers.

DSD Technology

Using real-time customer information and sales history, our DSD solutions minimize returns and out-of-stocks by providing the right combination of products in the right amounts. Based on previous sales history, promotions, seasonal fluctuations, shelf space, and even weather conditions, DSD forecasting tools can determine the right product mix for specific time frames.

omniQ’s DSD solutions integrate several technology platforms, including mobile computers and printers, wireless communications, software, signature capture, forecasting capabilities, inventory management, and DEX compatibility; all of these platforms work together to improve efficiency and increase sales. Mobile computers and tablets also allow sales reps to confirm deliveries, take inventory, scan returns, and generate suggested orders that customers can confirm and sign right on the mobile device.

DSD Benefits

eliminating paperwork

By eliminating paperwork and manual data entry, DSD solutions help sales representatives complete each stop faster and give them more time for merchandising, gathering competitive intelligence, and upselling at each stop. As a result, sales representatives are able to complete more stops per route.

DSD software solutions

omniQ’s DSD software solutions provide sales representatives with valuable business intelligence, including up-to-date customer pricing and inventory information, helping to strengthen business relationships, increase efficiency, and improve sales.