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Field service management

omniQ provides field service management software and delivery solutions that are flexible and scalable, to help effectively manage these areas of your business. These solutions support activities such as route planning, appointment planning, order entry, credit processing, inventory management and merchandising. omniQ also provides field sales teams with tools to manage route ordering, sales and invoicing operations. Our solutions also provide you and your field workers with real-time visibility into inventory, sales activity, vehicle location, and other metrics vital to your business.

Our extensive experience in the route delivery industry enabled us to develop Route Edge, our own direct store delivery (DSD) that support order entry, payment processing, inventory management, invoicing, returns processing and route settlement. Our robust solutions platform integrates route accounting, proof of delivery (POD) and our WTMiP software synchronizes data between enterprise servers and field workers.

Route Accounting

omniQ’s route accounting solutions utilize industrial mobile computers and printers to improve the delivery and inventory management processes, while also increasing accuracy and minimizing shrinkage. This solution allows businesses to intuitively track products throughout the entirety of the supply chain. Click here to learn more >>

Direct Store Delivery

This software solution allows companies to reduce operating costs by eliminating the distribution center from the delivery process. Speed and accuracy are essential, and DSD solutions provide real-time inventory and forecasting capabilities that improve efficiency. learn more

Proof of Delivery

Freight and delivery companies need the ability to efficiently cost-effectively manage operations and drivers, while ensuring items are delivered on time. Proof of delivery software used with mobile devices provides field workers with efficient tools for signature capture, barcode scanning, and date/time stamps.

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omniQ’s WTMiP software acts as a conduit between the corporate world and field workers. The WTMiP server synchronizes important files and data with employees working beyond the four walls of the business, and it does it in a secure and affordable manner.

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