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The retail industry is experiencing historic change due to advancing technology and evolving consumer behaviors and preferences. As a retailer, you are challenged to keep up with your ever-changing industry  while operating a profitable business. omniQ can equip you with the tools you need to address many of today’s retail challenges. Our solutions provide you with the capabilities to achieve outstanding seamless customer experiences across multi-channel environments and, at the same time, provide better customer service, operate more efficiently, reduce labor expenses, and leverage data for insights into more effective management.

Bridging The Online And In-Store Customer Engagement Gap

In-store shopping is often where retailers and their customers experience a disconnect. When shopping online, a consumer’s browsing and purchase history is easy to track. In a physical store, it’s often difficult to stay connected. omniQ offers a wide range of solutions for mobile point of sale (POS) applications that puts data, queue busting, and POS functionality right into sales associates’ hands. As they are assisting customers in the aisles, they can access customer and product data and also collect data from in-store shopping experiences. Further, omniQ can help integrate your customer loyalty and consumer app initiatives. The goal is to make the in-store shopping experience better than online, building your customers’ loyalty to keep coming back.

Inventory Management

Optimized inventory means fewer lost sales when items aren’t in stock, on time shipments, greater inventory turnover, and lower costs related to waste and markdowns. Efficient inventory management is even more crucial when your business operates multiple locations or combining in store and online shopping, including BOPIS (Buy Online, Pickup In Store). omniQ will evaluate your current operations, help you identify areas where you can gain efficiency and visibility, and provide you with an inventory management solution that will result in rapid ROI from decreased costs and happier customers who can always find what they’re looking for.

Price Management and Markdowns

A powerful tool to keep customers coming back and optimizing the margin/inventory balance is price management. omniQ can provide the tools you need to manage your prices, enable in-aisle mobile printers for on-the-spot label printing and verifying your item markdowns and POS are always in sync.

Receiving and Returns

Fast, accurate data collection, from receiving in the stockroom to completing transactions at the checkout counter and managing returns, is vital to successful retail operations. omniQ offers a range of data collection solutions including barcode scannersRFID readers — and even Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions.  With our extensive supply chain experience we can even help you manage the products before they get to your store, such as complete chain of custody shipments and tracking produce “from farm to fork” with IIoT systems that provide data such as temperature and humidity during shipment or whether the item has been dropped. omniQ’s experienced team will help you find the right solution for your application and ensure seamless integration with your operation to make receiving, stocking and returns more efficient and cost-effective processes.

Intelligent Order Entry and Planograms

Eliminate the “blind order” aspect of your current remote order entry system. omniQ’s Order Entry product enables two-way communication with your field sales team and gives them real-time access to order, customer, and pricing information via handheld device. Our Order Entry solution lets you eliminate the time and errors associated with faxing or phoning in orders, and it enables you to optimize planograms to have the right merchandise mix always in stock.

Traffic Flow and Business Analytics

omniQ provides analytics solutions that provide deep visibility into store traffic. These “smart store” solutions sense and record the location of merchandise, sales staff, shoppers, and assets and present this information to you in an easy-to-understand and actionable format. We also provide business analytics solutions that allow you to monitor key performance indicators related to sales, labor, inventory, and efficiency, enabling fact-based decisions that improve customer service as well as the bottom line.

A Partner That Knows Retail

omniQ has worked with retailers ranging in size from small to medium businesses to Fortune 500 companies. We understand your industry, and we specialize in complex projects, starting with an evaluation of your needs and processes and then designing an ideal solution for your application.