Custom Application Development

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We provides a step-by-step approach

omniQ provides a step-by-step approach to custom application development, including everything from design and programming to upgrades and maintenance.

When your business operations require custom application development, turn to omniQ for a solution tailored to your process, your workforce, and your business goals. Our experienced and highly skilled in-house software engineers and rich network of ISV partners can customize a solution to meet your unique needs. omniQ is with you every step of the way, starting with an initial consultation and identification of your business requirements to finding the right hardware and optimizing your software solution to maximize productivity.

How Can Quest Help You?

Off-the-shelf mobile solutions usually force businesses to alter their operations and processes to fit the software, and this can be a challenging situation — especially since most companies have their own processes and requirements. Depending on your situation, omniQ can either customize off-the-shelf software or we can develop applications tailored to your needs.

Our custom application development has benefitted a range of customers with solutions such as:

  • Field force automation, including DSD, POD, etc.
  • Order entry and inventory applications
  • Tray tracking and other returnable asset solutions
  • Migrating enterprise solutions from Windows to Android or iOS platforms

Our development process includes system design, programming, regression testing, deployment, software upgrades, and maintenance. In the design and development stage, omniQ also offers a full technical evaluation of a company’s mobility operations, as well as installation services for any software or equipment, staging, kitting, and custom hardware labeling. Whether your platform is Windows, Android, or iOS, we have the expertise and solutions to fully support you.

OmniQ Route Edge: Route Accounting And Direct Store Delivery

Given omniQ’s extensive knowledge of the route delivery industry, we developed a complete suite of applications that includes route accounting, order entry, inventory management, direct store delivery(DSD), and  proof of delivery(POD). These can also be used for providing services, such as field service, repair, medical delivery and more. Once our solutions are developed, omniQ fully tests each platform and provides on-site training and documentation for end users, along with ongoing maintenance, management, and support. Since our software can run on Windows, Android, or iOS device, clients can easily migrate to our platforms.