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4 Ways Mobile Solutions are Improving the Cost-Effectiveness of DSD

The popularity of mobile solutions has grown immensely over the past decade, mainly due to their convenience, but also because they benefit companies of all types and sizes in a variety of ways. This is especially true for companies dealing with route accounting and direct store delivery (DSD) solutions. When workers travel from place to place, mobile technology is required to get the job done. Mobile solutions provide huge improvements in accuracy and efficiency for DSD, which, in turn, leads to larger profits for businesses.

There are four main ways mobile solutions help improve the cost-effectiveness of DSD:

Real-time information access throughout the enterprise

Having real-time visibility throughout an enterprise can be a daunting feat. For businesses with direct store delivery solutions, the challenge is to receive detailed and error-free information from workers in the field.  Mobile devices can greatly reduce invoice errors, and they also allow invoices to be sent and received faster than ever. Every invoice error creates problems, not only because time is wasted while trying to correct the information, but because a company’s reputation can be damaged and customers can be lost.

Having mobile devices that can print invoices at the time of delivery can greatly reduce disputes or errors because they can be reviewed with the customer.  In addition to reducing conflicts, sending invoices with a mobile computer means the billing cycle can begin immediately. More accurate and efficient invoices will keep customers satisfied and can potentially lead to more business.

Inventory management

Real-time information access can also be vital to inventory management. Mobile solutions offer organized forms that allow workers to update the status of deliveries faster than ever. Safeguards can even be put in place to validate the data entry from workers; ambiguous entries can be flagged for evaluation.  The use of mobile devices in DSD will keep inventory levels accurate, which means shrinkage can be eliminated and items can always be kept in stock.  An accurate and up-to-date inventory is essential for businesses looking to improve the cost-effectiveness of their operations.

Route scheduling

Direct store delivery operations rely greatly on the efficiency of their drivers. In order to truly improve the cost-effectiveness of DSD, businesses need to ensure that their drivers are being productive and that they are following the most efficient routes. Mobile devices often feature GPS technology that gives managers visibility into their drivers’ locations, productivity, and route capacity. This real-time information can help business owners make better decisions in regards to routes, and it can even give them the power to change routes in the middle of a schedule.

More efficient operations

Mobile solutions can go wherever employees go, so there is no running back and forth and no time wasted. Handheld mobile computers have become the preferred DSD solution thanks to the wide number of applications they can handle.  Instead of carrying multiple devices, workers can utilize a mobile device that offers computing, signature capture, barcode scanning, and voice communication.

Mobile devices come in a variety of sizes or keypad layouts and offer varying degrees of ruggedness, which means businesses offering DSD can find the perfect fit for their solutions. Mobile computers can also be integrated with peripherals.

The pervasive nature of technology in the world today has led to extremely competitive industries.  The best performing DSD businesses have all adopted the most efficient, profitable, and accurate technologies.  Mobile solutions offer a variety of tangible benefits to direct store delivery; businesses looking to improve the cost-effectiveness of their operations should invest in mobile devices.

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How Mobile Devices Improve Route Accounting Solutions

If there’s one thing business owners can agree on, it’s this: efficiency is vital to success. Every business is run differently, but time, energy, and resources should always be handled in a way that maximizes the performance and profitability of operations. When it comes to route accounting, having a feature-rich and configurable solution can truly make a difference. The process of loading, shipping, and delivering products to consumers must be organized and effective. In order to streamline these route accounting operations, businesses should look to mobile devices.

The benefits mobile devices bring to route accounting include:

Real-time tracking
Any business using route accounting solutions knows that having visibility throughout the supply chain is paramount. Knowing where specific orders are and what time they got there allows businesses to take care of any problems immediately. Mobile devices can keep managers up to date on items that have been successfully delivered, but they can also help track returned or damaged items.

Properly tracking items all the way to delivery can help handle customer disputes. Customers might argue about the condition of the delivered products – or whether the product was delivered at all – and you will have recorded information to verify or dispute these claims.

Any business that relies on employees to be quick, knowledgeable, and accurate should be taking advantage of handheld devices. Intermec’s CN51, for example, is a versatile mobile computer that offers a variety of functionalities, including barcode scanning and Remote Deposit Capture (RDC), which converts check payments into electronic documents. Handhelds like the CN51 allow workers to complete a multitude of tasks in record time, and they also come with a small footprint.

Create invoices
Mobile devices eliminate the wait times between delivery and payment. In some cases, it is even possible to accept payments in the field. The ability to create invoices on the spot is invaluable not only to businesses, but to customers as well. As much as business owners want to streamline the invoicing process, it is important to remember that customers want the same thing. The sooner payments can be processed, the better.

Print receipts at the point of transaction
Adding mobile devices to your route accounting solution gives your employees the power to print receipts immediately – wherever they need to print them. Large or bulky receipt printers can be a pain to carry, so drivers often leave them in the truck. Having to return to the truck when a receipt is needed is a huge annoyance, and it also wastes time. Even if the drivers do bring these larger receipt printers with them, they could set them down and accidentally forget them.

Instant access to important business data
Businesses can leverage mobile devices to immediately update inventory levels, and having accurate inventory levels helps companies know which products are selling and how fast they are selling. With mobile devices in place, businesses should never have to worry about running out of inventory.

In addition, workers can instantly look up customer purchase history and data to be more effective when face to face with clients. Mobile devices are also perfect for keeping track of employees and their delivery times. Running reports on the deliveries can help managers gain a better understanding of delivery routes and methods. This information can be used to design more efficient methods of delivery – or at least more efficient routes.

A variety of industries are beginning to realize the value mobile technology can bring to businesses. Thanks to the frequent interactions drivers and workers have with customers, route accounting companies may have the most to gain from this mobile movement. There is no denying that efficiency and productivity lead to bigger profits, and mobile devices provide the perfect avenue to get there.