Asset Management Software

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Asset Management Software is a management tool that tracks the deployment of hardware devices and each device’s repair history in the field.

When a device is damaged or found defective, Asset Management Software provides the ability to log all aspects of the device’s repair process until it returns to the field. In addition, the system provides tracking and documentation to ensure all needed actions are taken to complete the repair: proper shipping, manufacturer repair, and the return of the device to the field. In conjunction with repair management, warranties on all components can be monitored and managed through the repair process.

How it Works

Each device is tracked by a serial number or asset tag ID. As the unit moves through the repair process, the system tracks the technician, repair facility, root cause, repairs completed, parts used, and additional testing as well as various other data elements.

The system also tracks units as they move through the repair process, providing lists of devices that are awaiting authorization for repair and devices that are ready for repair. The system has the ability to track devices in the field by location. Once the repair is complete, the system allows the shipping department to log the destination, shipper, and tracking number. The repair tracking system links to any carrier to provide the shipment tracking information.


The Asset Management Software system includes a series of reports that provide a view of the service history for electronic devices, including mobile and wireless products. The reports are provided to give visibility of common failures in the field as well as a complete service history of units by location. This allows visibility to specific locations that may be experiencing unusually high repairs. Reports are provided in a standard format available over the web.