Android for Enterprise? Zebra’s Mobility DNA Has Created the Future.

With Microsoft ending support for Windows Embedded and the enterprise mobility industry switching to Android in droves, many companies are developing their strategy for migrating to Android and upgrading their mobile devices.

Now that Android smartphones and tablets have so many useful capabilities and such an intuitive interface, a common temptation is to abandon enterprise-grade mobile computers in favor of these cheaper, consumer-grade devices.

But the drawbacks to consumer-grade devices are numerous.  Compared to enterprise-grade devices, they lack durability and carry a higher total cost of ownership, and they also lack the security, battery life, scanning capabilities, and other tools to meet enterprise demands.

This is why so many companies are choosing Zebra Android enterprise mobile computers engineered with Zebra’s Mobility DNA.

Reasons Why Companies Are Adopting Zebra Android Devices

Zebra has developed the ideal solution for Android enterprise computing with Mobility DNA. It’s a complete software ecosystem that converts Android into a powerfully secure and enterprise-ready platform with enormous advantages over consumer devices.

Let’s take a look at some of the biggest reasons why companies are adopting Zebra Android devices:

  1. Powerful Security: Zebra’s Mobility Extensions (Mx) and mobile device management give companies complete control over each Android device, its network connections, and the applications authorized to run on it. Android also enables over-the-air updates, so OS updates and security patches can be applied faster and more easily.With these tools, Android becomes an enterprise-grade OS with security on par with anything ever achieved by Windows.
  1. Faster and Better Workforce Communication: Zebra’s Workforce Connect application improves and unifies communications across devices, so you can use your Android device as a single solution for voice, push-to-talk, text, and video.There are a variety of voice-enablement tools that help warehouses achieve enormous improvements in productivity with multi-modal speech-directed applications that guide workers to the next task and location, and verify correct scans and process flows.Additionally, Zebra’s SmartDEX delivers cable-free, fast, and easy DEX connectivity for direct store delivery applications.
  1. Advanced Scanning and Document Capture: Zebra’s enterprise-grade devices and Mobility DNA applications also convert Android devices into scanning and data capture workhorses on par with dedicated and advanced bar code scanners. The devices capture 1D and 2D bar codes as well as part marks and documents seamlessly and reliably. Their advanced scanning capabilities are far beyond the functionality of consumer devices. Any process that requires lots of scanning would soon find that consumer-grade camera scans will slow down the efficiency and productivity of your operations.In addition, Zebra’s SimulScan automates document capture in a single step while its DataWedge application sends scanned data to any running app.  You can even decode multiple bar codes at the same time filling in an entire form with a single scan.  You can even create a virtual data capture button on your mobile device screens with SwipeAssist.
  1. Longer Battery Life: Unlike consumer devices, which are often plagued by battery issues and recharging requirements, Zebra’s Android devices are engineered with PowerPrecision+ battery technology for best-in-class power and manageability.Each battery delivers up to 14 hours of power.  Further, Zebra’s batteries are hot-swappable so you can ensure continuous power for a 24 by 7 round-the-clock operation. Software tools also provide metrics and battery health indicators so you can maximize battery life and long-term performance.
  1. Seamless Integration and Development: Zebra’s Mobility DNA also includes many tools to make life easier for IT staff and app developers, including its Android and Xamarin EMDKs which provide APIs, sample code, and tools to create enterprise apps without consumer OS constraints. These and other development tools make it much faster and easier to migrate to Android than to redevelop your apps for the latest versions of Windows.

Rugged computers withstand the tough physical environment needed in industrial applications, beyond consumer-grade devices.

Zebra’s Mobility DNA provides the industrial needs for security, communication, data capture, battery life and integration needed for business applications, in a way that far surpasses traditional consumer-based off-the-shelf devices.  It takes the utility, familiarity and ease of use of Android to the next level for required productivity and data protection.

Are You Planning a Switch to Android or a Device Upgrade in the Near Future?

omniQ has the technical expertise, professional services, management services and even software development group to enable migration to Android or optimize your existing Android systems.  Contact omniQ now to learn more about Zebra Android devices with Mobility DNA. Call 1-800-242-7272 or email us now.

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